Application Information

From Application till Admission into JILC

  1. Your applications will be processed by the Administration Office, then forwarded to the Immigration Department for the issuance of the "Certificate of Eligibility"
    * We may have to reject your Application, when all the slots are filled.
  2. Screening of your documents by the Immigration Department
  3. Immigration Department issues the "Certificate of Eligibility" and sends the Certificates to JILC
  4. The Administration Office will send photocopies of the "Certificate of Admission" to the student or his Agent
  5. Remittance of 1 year's expenses (Tuition fee, dormitory fee, etc.) into JILC's bank account
  6. After confirmation of payment of the expenses, the original copies of the "Certificate of Admission"to the student or his Agent
  7. Apply for a Passport from the appropriate Government Agency in your country.
  8. Apply for the "College Student Visa" at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country
  9. After you have been issued the "College Student Visa", inform the Administration Office for arrangement for your smooth entry into Japan
  10. Admission into JILC