Let's check out one of the students life!

wake up
From apartments to the school, it is very close so we can have a bit of extra time to stay at home in the morning. We have roommates so we do not get homesick too ofeten.
Our school has two sessions for classes. Morning (9:00a.m. start) and Afternoon (13:15p.m. start) Classes are divided based on the profeciency level so weare motivated to raise ourselves to the higher class.
After Class
After the school, we finish up the homework before our part-time job.
Parttime Job.
The popular parttime job in Japan is convenience store clerk. Financial independence from parents is the one of the reasons, but, communicating with Japanese people on a daily basis helps to improve our language skill.
Relaxing at home is very important!
Self Study
Preparation and Review is the key to success. The time in Japanese langauge school is the only time we can concentrate on aquirng the language before we go to college. We cannot waste time. Building up the rythm takes time, but once you get used to it, it will be very productive!
Go to Bed
Good night! Have a good dream!