JILC Activities

We  encourage our students to enjoy in their study, and we give all necessary assistance to our students so that they can get used to the Japanese environment fast.


We try our best to acquire low cost but comfortable lodging houses (dormitory) for our students. All dormitories are within walking distance to our campus. Normally 3 - 4 persons share a 'dormitory' (normally 2LDK = 2 rooms + a small lounge + dinning + kitchen). Each person may have to pay around JPY20,000 or less per month (includes room rent, electricity bill, water bill, LNG bill, sewage bill, etc.).

International Cooperation

The cost of living in Japan is high. In order to reduce the burden of the cost of daily expenses, working part-time is an important matter.  Through part-time job, one can encounter new friends and understand the working system of Japan. JILC actively provides information on part-time jobs to our students as a 'back-up' to their daily activities

Part-time Job

In Itoshima City, we have "Fukuoka International Association" which provide interaction for our students. Itoshima City has very close sister-city relationship with Qing Pu Xian of Shanghai, Escondido City of State of California, USA, Kim Hae City of South Korea, and there have been mutual exchanges of high school students (home stay) for more than 10 years. Our students have actively participated in the 'foreign language classes' and 'world cooking classes' sponsored by these International Associations. Furthermore, with the transfer of National Kyushu University to the outskirt of Itoshima City, more than 1000 foreign students will have close relation with this city.


In order to assist our students to live a more meaning life at JILC, scholarships are rewarded to the deserving and outstanding students.

Medical Insurance

It is compulsory for all foreign students to 'participate' in the government-sponsored "National Health Insurance Scheme". You only have to pay 30% of your medical bill, when you fall sick or get injured. If you wish, you may join the private "Medical Assistance Scheme for Foreign Students", then all your medical bills will be 'covered' (you need not have to pay even a single yen, when you fall sick).