Fukuoka from the Viewpoint of Asia and the Role of JILC

Fukuoka Prefecture, with Fukuoka City is one of 6 largest cities in Japan.  It has a population of 5 million, is blessed with a warm climate, and a beautiful natural environment. Run on-break into 2 or 3 sentences.  This makes Fukuoka one of the most suitable places for living and studying.  In the publication from Britten, called "MONOCLE" in 2012, Fukuoka city was ranked 12th in the world.    What is most important? for most foreign students (and for most Japanese) life here is rather 'layed back' and this city is quite safe. We feel that it is our duty and service to provide the most suitable environment to our foreign students, so that they can have their peace of mind and concentrate on their study. From the moment your 'application form' reaches JILC, we take full responsibility to assist you in all aspects, including:
     1) bureaucratic processing of your documents for a smooth entry into Japan,
     2) providing you with proper educational tuition and coaching,
     3) helping you solve your daily problems.
We will also assist you to gain admission into an institution of higher learning after finishing your language course.


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